Social Tennis, 29th September - 

Sincere apologies but we are going to have to cancel Social Tennis tomorrow night, Wednesday 29th September. Unfortunately we were unable to secure all 6 courts and now poor Martin has only gone and injured himself  playing Astro footie. He is currently waiting in A&E to see if they can put the Six Million Dollar Man back together again or at least give him a new Bionic wrist!


But don't despair! We are only pushing it out till next Wed, Oct 6th and all six courts are booked and waiting. 


There will be a social tennis night at the club for members from 8pm. We are hoping to run a mixed doubles event similar to our last social night - a nice and simple turn up, pair up, and play wonderful tennis! 


Alongside the wonderful tennis you’re always guaranteed a great evening’s craic so please come along to support the event. The bar will be open and the kettle will be on! We look forward to seeing you all there . 

Autumn Junior Coaching: Coaching started on the 6th of September and runs until the 25th of October at €70 per child for members and €95 for non-members & 8th of November until the 17th of December for 6 weeks at €60  per child for members and €85  for non-members. 

New Member Coaching: This is ongoing at present to catch up on the disruption caused by Covid.

DLTC Winter Competitions 2021

We have entered 3 Ladies and 3 Mens teams for the DLTC Winter Competitions. 

The Competitions are in full swing with a regular update on progress by the captains to all members emails.


Ashbrook LTC supports activities throughout the year for both senior and junior members


We enter a number of teams at various levels in the Leinster Seasonal leagues.

We also run Club competitions through the year.

Social Tennis:

We provide regular opportunities for social tennis where members can get to meet each other and find partners to continue their tennis


For the last number of years we have run the Ashbrook Open competition which has proved very popular among tennis players from all over Dublin and beyond.

Community Support:

We support the Enjoy Tennis programme for special needs players by providing courts, coach and volunteers to coach these players.

We rent courts to neighbouring schools and to organisations which do not have their own facilities.

New Member Coaching:

New adult members are given free introductory coaching to develop their skills and meet other new members.

Junior Coaching:

Our junior members enjoy a substantial discount for the junior coaching terms.


Various programmes such as pilates or fitness4tennis are run in the club house and keep some of our members in excellent trim.

Recent Activities

Summer Competitions

Greetings Ashbrookers,


Well Finals day on Saturday did not disappoint, unlike a certain GAA team  whom i won't mention for fear of defamation laws although the unmentionable team will be way too busy preparing to sue a certain  Joe Brolly than to be bothered with what I think of them. So despite all the country rejoicing at the prospect of a changing of the guard at Croker and the Dubs even agreeing to the change due to boredom on their part, nothing actually changed....Mayo still lost!


But Change is certainly what we got at Ashbrook on Finals day with so many of our Finals being won by first time winners.


Congratulations to Leo Vaughan, our new Men's Singles Champion and  to Sile Quigley our new Ladies Singles Champion.

In addition, the 'Boy Wonder'  Adrian Lynch won his fIrst Handicap Gents  Singles  to add to his runner up Mens Doubles title. He even helped his old Man win something by carrying him through to win the Handicap Gents doubles final. A great Father and Son team! Btw, if you happen to exchange Xmas presents with the Lynch household  chances are your getting a One 4 All voucher this year....just a hunch! 


Some things just can't be moved though and just like the invincible Dubs, Anne O'Hehir and Marguerite  are starting to wind everyone up by continuously winning everything they enter! And so congratulations again to the dynamic duo for winning their Ladies Championship Doubles final. Catherine and Trish pushed them all the way  and indeed threatened to blow our schedule apart but with the big match looming they found the last volt of Duracell Bunny battery power to take it home.....again unlike Mayo ( you can't win them all girls!).


Once we had our awards presentation out of the way, all that was lefts was to bask in the sunshine with a pint,scream at the telly thanks to another Mayo wide and wait for the delicious pizza to arrive. FYI  for all future Captains, when ordering Pizza for  Finals day , factor in if the Vaughans will be present, if so multiply the order by 50% to be sure!


The evening was finished off with a wonderfully competitive Handicap Ladies Double Final with all four competitors playing fab despite the Pizza, Prosecco and Mayo! Congrats to Marguerite and  especially Barbara, another first time Winner!


Finally, thank you to all our fellow Ashbrookers who took part in the games  and  those who came down to support  during the last month. Myself, Andrew and Martin are  kind of winging are way through this Captain malarkey and regularly rely on advice from those who have seen it all before and have the T Shirt!

Simple things like putting 'Runner Up' on the Envelope and not 'Loser',  I kid you not! Ann Strahan was a witness!

So massive thanks to Anne O'Hehir, Marguerite and Paula for the endless text message responses and guiding hands!


Keep an eye on our facebook page and instagram for pictures from Saturdays action from the supremely talented but no way as pretty as me Myles Shelly. Apparently the standard of photography took a massive leap on Sat, so i was told by absolutely everyone! Awards photos to follow.....


Till next year, when we will all want a change and be delighted to see the Dubs lift the Sam again!


The Ashbrook Captains

Summer Camp 2021

Another very successful Summer Camp was held this year during July/August.  Over 100 children attended and a great time was had by despite the Covid restrictions.  Well done to our coaches for once again combining a fun time with real learning.