Intervarsities at Ashbrook

The Intervarsities at Ashbrook was a huge success.  The tournament was very well run and the students were delighted with Ashbrook.  Some of the tennis was really outstanding.  Ashbrook worked really well as a venue!

Like all great events it takes a team to make it happen.  I don’t really like singling out people as I know somebody will be forgotten so apologies if I have forgotten you.

Dara Carolan should be singled out for the great job he did at making Ashbrook look amazing (very ably assisted by Ann Strahan) and for living in the club for the three days.  He was a great coordinator with the students and nothing was too much trouble for him.

Brian Bohill lived at the bar for the last few days and he didn’t even have a drink!  Things got so busy that his wife had to be drafted in to help!  Thank you Brian for trojan work.  Thanks also to the all Vaughans – Steven, Catherine, Adam and Leo – who were always on hand to help at the bar, the cleaning or whatever was needed.  Kate got rid of lots of recycling – thanks Kate.  Jamie McCarthy donned the rubber gloves and did a lot of work picking up bottles and rubbish on Saturday.  Thanks to all who helped out at the bar including Siobhan Byrne, Marie Cassidy, Paula Jones, Clare Lynch, Cathryne McCarthy, Sile Quigley and Cath Tooher.

I think special mention should also go to Ann Strahan who does an outstanding job of making the clubhouse look great.

Also thanks to Rosaleen we can now accept debit and credit cards at Ashbrook – well done Rosaleen.

Thanks again to all the volunteers and supporters.

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