Ashbrook Open 2019

Ashbrook Open takes place again this year. It runs from 20th July to the 27th July. Closing Date and Time for Entries: 06 July 2019, 23:59 hours. Read More for link to Entry Forms.

What passes for our Irish Summer is upon us – Leaving Certificate coming to an end, Nadal yet again crowned French Open Champion and Wimbledon on the horizon,  so that means it’s time to sign up again for The Ashbrook Open.

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If you took part last year you will recall the phenomenal emails that got everyone through the busy schedule and late nights with their wit and good humour – unfortunately the author of these, and our director for the past couple of years,  Jonathan Downey,  has completed his term (or maybe it was a sentence) as tournament director and has stepped out from behind ‘the table’ and the keyboard…..  Jonathan had been working in tandem with Cathie Hannin for the last few years and we are delighted that she has taken over as director this year.

A few things we have learned over the past years that we will hope to put into action for 2019 :

By agreement with those involved, some competitions may start on Friday evening…
We will again avail of the generosity of our neighbouring clubs,  with the use of their courts….
For reasons of practicality and all of our sanity we may have to restrict the number of entrants in any event…
To leave people with some time to enjoy the BBQ and the atmosphere in our club, championship tie breaks will be used at one set all in the doubles events until the semi finals stages.
And perhaps most importantly :
We really appreciate the good humour, patience and  understanding you have shown when schedules get very busy, matches start late and end even later. We will do our very best to ensure that things run smoothly and we will strive to provide the hospitality & friendliness as well as the high standard of competition that have become the trademarks of the Ashbrook Open !!

You may enter up to 3 events.
You must be 18 in order to enter.
You must be Over 35 in 2019 to enter the Over 35s (clue is in the name).
The Class you play is influenced by your participation in  2019 Summer League and Tennis Ireland Open events.
Entries will be verified to ensure as much as is humanly possible that everyone is entered in the appropriate class.
If you won a singles event in Class 3, 5, or  7 you must enter a singles event in a higher class this year
No winning partnership in any of the doubles events in Classes 3, 5 or 7 may enter together in an attempt to defend their title – they are most welcome to enter with a new partner though !
Full terms and conditions for the Open 2019 can be found at :Regulations

We are delighted to have an ever growing list of Sponsors, which this year is :

  • Premier Suites
  • Lantech
  • Pure Sport
  • The Hopsack

Huge thanks to all of them for their support. It makes a massive diference to us here at Ashbrook.

Looking forward to seeing you all in a few weeks.



Ashbrook Open Team

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