Ashbrook Open 18th-25th July 2020

Our ASHBROOK OPEN 2020 has been given the green light to take place from July 18th to 25th.

Given the times as they are, competitive tennis is scarce and we are very fortunate to be able to run this event this year, thanks in no small way to our Open Director Cathie Hannin whose expertise and guidance is invaluable. We also appreciate just how much work and responsibility is involved in making this happen this year.

Over the years the people involved in running our Open have succeeded in establishing it as the best, friendliest little open in Dublin. In recent years we have worked hard to keep the best and friendliest attributes but as entries approached 400 last year we lost our ‘little attribute !

Although there is a small band of people who make up the ‘Open Committee’, we just guide the Ashbrook Open and a tribe of volunteers from within the club make it happen. This year more than ever this ‘tribe’ will be more important as we must obviously adhere to all regulations / guidelines in place. You will be getting (several) further emails to recruit you to this tribe….. in the meantime some tennis details to encourage you to sign up to play :

Ashbrook Open 2020 offers tennis at three levels – Class 2 and Below, Class 4 and Below, and Class 5 and Below.
The ‘Class’ in these headings relates to Dublin Lawn Tennis Council leagues that people may or may not have played in.
If you have never played league tennis, Class 6 and Below are the competitions for you !
In each of these 3 sections we will have Ladies Singles, Gents Singles, Ladies Doubles, Gents Doubles, Mixed Doubles
You may enter any 2 events – if entering a doubles event. make sure you have a partner organised and that they also enter
Entry must be online and is accessible from
Payment must be made online
Please read all rules and regulations carefully as they include all the details you need – but if you do have any further queries, please don’t hesitate in replying to this email address
Due to restrictions in place we must limit our overall entry in the Open and the entry in specific events – this will be done on a first come first served basis.

Above all the Ashbrook Open has always been a fun, competitive event and we plan to make it so again this year, but to do this we need your support on and off the court !
Our motto has long been BE SOUND and this year we are expanding it to BE SOUND & BE SAFE !
Ashbrook Open Team

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