Membership Fees

  • €335 for Senior Membership. 

  • €535 for a Couple

  • €565 for a Family 

  • €200 for a Student (Full time with ID)

  • €125 for a Junior (7 to 18 yrs).

  • €425 for a Parent and Junior 

  • €150 for Single Adult Winter Membership (1 October -30 April).


  • We have 6 all-weather courts with full overhead lighting

  • The use of lights throughout the Winter is included in the annual fee.

  • Those joining during the year are charged on a pro-rata basis

  • New Annual Adult Members who sign up get five free group tennis lessons (held over summer).

  • All-in prices. We impose no additional fees or first-time membership costs

  • The Club house and bar are available to members for social activities.

Application for Membership is subject to approval by the Ashbrook Management Committee.  

In joining Ashbrook you are undertaking to abide by any rules and conditions we apply.  Click the button below to review our main documents.



If you need more information contact us here:

You can fill in our Membership Application Form here:


You can pay directly for Winter membership or Junior membership here: